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About Me

Are you struggling with stress, relationships, work-related issues, depression, trauma, grief, addiction, anxiety, imposter syndrome or major life changes?

I’m a UKCP, MBACP, Integrative Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner here to support you on your way towards clarity, understanding and change. I bring together a variety of approaches and techniques that will be specific to my work with you. Although my role is to listen and hold you through your process which I do, I also offer tools and ideas to help you cope and eventually let go of what you are suffering from. I work with clients and public figures from all over the world and am a registered psychotherapist with The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine supporting musicians, actors and clients in the performing arts industries.

Apart from Integrative, Transpersonal and EMDR therapy I am an ICF PCC level Transformative Coach which enables me to combine a gold standard level of coaching and psychotherapy for those seeking a more structured Coach-Therapy approach. For coaching services please see

I offer a safe space where all presenting issues and feelings are welcome. I hold Diplomas and Degrees in Integrative & Transpersonal Psychotherapy, EMDR, Somatic Trauma healing, Executive Functions Skills, Communications, ICF PCC Coaching and Early Years Pedagogy. 

Working with me requires consistent sessions and total honesty and confidentiality. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) can be signed on request.


£200 per psychotherapy session

£200 per session for mediation or couples therapy (more than one person 1-1.5 hours)

Areas I frequently work with are:

Anxiety, Bereavement, Depression, Loss, Post-traumatic stress, Trauma, Expatriate and Relocation issues, Career coaching, Development coaching, Executive coaching, Life coaching, Personal development, ADD / ADHD, Cancer, Chronic fatigue, Health related issues, Cultural issues, Men’s issues, Self-esteem, Spirituality, Women’s issues, Child related issues, Relationships, Sex-related issues, Anger management, Redundancy, Stress, Work related issues.

Clients I work with

Trainees, Adults, Couples, Families, Groups, Organisations,  Adults 18+

I offer short and long-term face-to-face sessions as well as telephone/online sessions and international visits. 

For information on motivational talks and therapy workshops please contact me.

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"Tell me the parts of you that you do not   understand so I know where to help you with your healing"

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Psychotherapy Sessions

£200 for a 50 minutes session

The sessions aim to help you understand your feelings and the situations you are facing as well as equip you to deal with new challenges in the present and the future.

Psychotherapy tends to look at the underlying causes of the issues and helps you work through them using tools and techniques that will bring you closer to insight, understanding, acceptance and healing.

Psychology Session
Distanced Couple

Mediation & Couples Therapy

£200 Per session

In my mediation and couples sessions, we’ll work to resolve disagreements and problems and improve positive thinking and ways to help the parties involved understand each other better. I will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with the obstacles you are facing.  

Therapy Coaching

£250 for an individual session (Up to 1.5 hours)

I am a fully qualified ICF PCC Transformative Coach and have found that many clients benefit from a combination of therapy and coaching whereby we work on the deeper emotional root causes of what might be in the way of clients progress followed by coaching techniques to get them on the right path again to reconnect with their true selves and reach their full potential.

For more info on transformative coaching place see 

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Kristina’s softness and incredible EQ, empathy and intuition make sessions feel extremely holding and safe. She has an extraordinary capacity in helping raise awareness and gain clarity over things I didn’t even realise were at the root of my issues”. Although a non-directive approach, Kristina has this way of simply knowing where to go even when I myself didn’t. Despite the seriousness of our sessions she has a wonderful sense of strength and humour which is very containing.


Kristina has transformed the way I feel about myself and has an incredibly soft yet focussed way of journeying with me to find the root causes of my negative thoughts and feelings. Her sense of being, energy and intuition is extremely holding and I can’t recommend her enough. Due to always being on tour or recording music, I work regularly with Kristina via telephone and zoom.


Kristina has worked very deeply with me to help me understand that underneath my behaviours and actions are feelings that have been repressed and unmet. She has helped me meet, understand and empathise those feelings rather than just criticize my behaviours which has resulted in the ability to deal with the roots of my issues and not stop at the symptoms. I am so much happier and understanding of myself since my work with Kristina. Thank you!


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